Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 14 (Week 2 in Pantoja)

Its so hard to write everything I want to say and everything that I have experienced in only one email, but I am doing well and Elder Page and I are seeing A TON of success in Pantoja. This week we taught a ton of lessons, and almost all of them are with members. We go out and teach with members every day and it works WONDERS for our investigators.

This week I had to get a haircut... and Elder Suimataia (lives in the apartment with us) cut it for me. I lost all my hair and I look stupid, but oh well... It will grow back! 

ALSO!!! A bunch of missionaries had to go to the capital to do visa stuff and so Elder Page and I take the metro to the capital on Wednesday morning and when we get to the curb, a truck picks us up and guess whos in it??!!! ELDER ZAMORA!!!!! It has only been 6 weeks, but I missed the guy and we had a few hours to catch up and to talk about the mission and each other´s area. It was a ton of fun to get to see him again!

This week we received a reference from the Young Mens leader in our ward, and he is a 12 year old boy who lives literally behind the chapel. His name is Junior, and he attends all the young men activities and loves them. We went on Saturday to teach his family and they are SOLID. Wendy, the mom, grew up Catholic, but doesnt like a lot of the people there, so she quit going and now she is seeing a huge change in her son as he comes to these activities and so we started teaching them both and sure enough, they came to church on Sunday and they LOVED it. They are both looking super solid and I love seeing the Gospel change lives. Currently, we are working with about 10-11 investigators and we are just seeing a ton of success in this area. The reason this area is so successful is because of the ward. The ward works like CRAZY to do missionary work and it blesses our lives as missionaries.

As for the culture, I am still getting used to it, but I love it. I eat a ton of bread, and the best kind of bread here is called Sobao. Its basically a roll and I LOVE it. We dont eat a ton because the biggest meal of the day is lunch and so we eat a bigger lunch and rarely eat dinner because we are going out to work from 2-9, but we always stop at Colmados and Pandaderias to buy stuff when we are out working. As for travel, its crazy sketchy. We walk everywhere in Pantoja, but when we have to go to the capital, we take a taxi (fitting 6 people into one car, plus the driver) and then we take a Juagua (bus) to wherever we need to go. Things are sketchy, but its all apart of the experience.

Overall, things are going well. I still have my struggles and everything seems to slowly be getting better, but I will get there! Keep praying for me and supporting me, because I know I will need it. I love you all and I am thankful to be able to serve the Lord. I know this Gospel is true and it truly does bring happiness. 

Love Elder Bee!!

Pics- Elder Page and I today and then Elder Zamora and I at Wendys after the visa stuff!

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