Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 8 Email (Week 2 in Riverside) sent: January 11, 2016

This week was really interesting! It rained all of Tuesday and most of Wednesday. We didn't dare ride our bikes, so we walked basically everywhere. This mission doesn't believe in tracting, but because it was raining, we were allowed to tract. Tuesday we met a lot of people who were willing to have us come by another time, and then Wednesday we tracted for almost 3 hours and didn't find a single person who was close to interested in hearing what we had to say. It was definitely hard, but our teaching pool is getting bigger and we are having more appointments being set up now. The hard work is slowly paying off. I really do care about these people. 

Spanish is coming along well and I actually have a spiritual experience about my Spanish. On Saturday we went on exchanges with some English Elders. Elder Drebot and I went teaching and contacting the whole day. We taught lessons in English to some people in his area and we contacted people in English and Spanish in both of our areas. We were walking down the street and a lady was sweeping leaves off of her driveway. She only spoke Spanish and so I took the lead and started to talk to her. I saw an extra broom and I grabbed it and started to help her, just because I wanted to help. She told me that I didn't need to help her because I was wearing a white shirt and she didn't want me to ruin it. I told her that I wanted to help her and I told her that we are representatives of Jesus Christ and that we are supposed to serve others and do as Jesus would do. I helped her for about 15 minutes and when we finished, I asked her if we could come by sometime and share a message about Jesus Christ with her and she gladly agreed. It was such a great experience for me because I was the only one who could talk to her. Elder Drebot doesn't know any Spanish and I have a very limited knowledge of Spanish, but I was able to serve this woman and we were able to get a return appointment. It made my day.

On Tuesday, we met a girl street contacting who said to come by her apartment during the weekend, so we got her address and we went back on Friday afternoon, but she didn't give us her apartment number, so Elder Beck and I just started knocking on doors and the first door we knocked on, a lady opened the door. She let us in and poured out her life story to us. Her husband is a preacher and they drive all the way to Los Angeles everyday, because he works there. She had a son who died when he was only a little boy. She gets verbally abused by her husband and she's illiterate. After about an hour of talking, we asked if we could come back on Sunday and she whole heartedly agreed. Well we came back last night and her husband was there and we began to get to know him and teach the both of them. Well he being a preacher made it really difficult, and he started to bash us and then their older son, who is like 25, came home and the wife left to go talk to him, so now we are sitting there just trying to teach a lesson and not bash, because the Spirit leaves quickly in that setting, but it didn't turn out very well. So I don't know what is going to happen with them. I really feel like this woman is prepared to hear the Gospel, especially after we told her that she can see her son again and that we believe in a heaven. We are trying our best.

I can bear testimony that the Spirit will guide us if we humble ourselves and listen. I have struggled with learning how to listen to the Spirit, because a lot of the time I am thinking an overwhelming power will come to me and tell me where to go and what to say, but I learned this week that the Spirit comes in soft, simple ways. Gordon B Hinckley said that if the thought or emotion prompts you to do good, it is of God, it is of the Spirit. If it prompts you to do evil, it is of the devil. I learned this week that having the Spirit is definitely something that takes some learning to have, but ultimately, if the thought or prompting you get is something good, it is from God and He will work through you. Just like the story I just shared. We pray everyday to be guided to where we need to go, and sometimes we have no clue where to go, but we ended up going to try and find a potential's apartment and we ended up with a woman who is ready to hear the gospel. Things happen for a reason and I am doing my best to be a servant to the Lord.

Love Elder Bee

Picture of me in my rain coat before I went out and got soaking wet :)

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