Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 7 (Week 1 in Riverside) email sent: January 4, 2016

All I am going to say is that the part of Corona that we are in needs a ton of work. Elder Beck has been in the area for 6 weeks now and I am just starting and we basically have nobody to teach, so we go out to walk and talk a lot. This mission doesn't believe in tracting so we do street contacting a lot. We have a few decent investigators, but we have only taught each of them once. We are working hard and we are trying our best to find those who need the Gospel. 

Spanish: The only place I struggle in Spanish is street contacting, cause we barely learned how to contact people in Spanish in the MTC. Once I get into lessons, I am able to understand and listen and speak super well. We taught a young family last night and it was my like real first full lesson, and I was totally feeling the Spirit. It was great! This mission really is changing me.

Health: I AM A TON HEALTHIER. I eat an apple a day and I work out hard every morning and I love that I have an actual schedule to do things. It makes life so much easier. Plus, Elder Beck and I are on bikes and so I get a great leg work out everyday. 

Weather: I know its California, but it gets so cold at night. I should've kept my sweaters, but I didn't think I would need them. Oh well, all apart of the mission experience. 

We are working really hard. I am trying to learn the language and I work hard to really think positively. We get told no a lot and Elder Beck gets a little frustrated, but I always just have to remember that the message we are sharing is like walking around with a $100 bill, and if people don't want it, then we will give it to someone else. We talk to everyone we can about the gospel, so hopefully this next week picks up a little more.

I read Elder Zamora's letter and I know that I am blessed for serving in the US for now, cause it sounds so bad down there, but I am also so excited to get there. 

The mailing address I gave everyone last time is for the mission office and they forward all USPS to our box, but another Elder said it takes an extra 2 weeks, so oh well. Just send everything to this new one, it will come straight to me. 

Thanks for all the support. Sounds like everyone at home is doing good. Happy New Years to all of you. 

Love, Elder Bee

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