Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 6 (MTC) email sent December 26, 2015

THIS IS IT! I leave for California on Tuesday. I have no idea how long I will be there, but I am there until I get my visa. This week went a lot better for me. Spanish isn't a huge problem for me. I know that will change once I get out in the field. 

We have our last class tonight and then everyone leaves on Monday and I'll be flying on Tuesday morning. 

Christmas week here was pretty cool. At first, it didn't seem all that great, but Elder Bednar came and spoke to us Christmas morning and we got to have a giant Q and A with him and I liked the answers he gave. I felt the Spirit a lot and got answers to some of my questions. Later Christmas night, we had another devotional, but we didn't know what it was. We got there and found out that David Archuletta would be singing to us. He put on a whole Christmas concert and talked about his mission a little bit. It was really cool. After that, the MTC showed Ephraim's Rescue. Another great Pioneer movie and how Ephraim listened to the promptings of the Spirit his whole life and how Heavenly Father was preparing him to save members in the Willy and Martin hand cart companies. 

I am doing the best I can to qualify for those blessings that I need to perform miracles in the mission field. Like Ephraim said in the movie when asked why he does what he does and how he knows Heavenly Father will help him, "I try"

Elder Bednar talked a lot how we are agents to ACT, not be acted upon. Heavenly Father helps those who help themselves. In order to receive blessings of the Spirit and to be tools in the hands of the Lord, we must act. In teaching lessons, we must prepare and then not be afraid to open our mouths. We are promised that the Lord will fill them. I know there are people in California and the DR who will be prepared to hear the Gospel. It doesn't matter how well I speak the language or how well I teach (although I am doing my best), missionaries aren't the teachers. Ever. The Spirit is the teacher. Our job is just to open our mouths and talk to everyone and give everyone the chance to feel the Spirit and hear the gospel.

I am excited to work hard. All I have ever known is how to work hard. This will be no different. I will have hard times, but I know the Lord will make me equal to my calling.

Love, Elder Bee

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